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Video tutorials to help with dyscalculia and mathematical learning difficulties

Why Maths Explained?

Devised and delivered by an internationally regarded expert in the field of maths learning difficulties.

Each video uses carefully designed visual images, matched to the relevant maths vocabulary and concepts in order to enhance understanding.

The structure of the programme and the principles that drive it are based on research from around the world on how people learn, and fail to learn, maths.

The videos develop an understanding of maths by addressing and circumventing the barriers that handicap learning. They are about using that understanding to support memory.

Maths Explained tutorials have been sold in 38 countries

Renowned expertise


The Maths Explained tutorials are based on Steve Chinn's decades of success in teaching children and adults who have difficulties with learning maths and on his research, training teachers worldwide and writing books and support materials. The tutorials use carefully designed visual images to support an understanding of the seemingly abstract nature of maths.

Typical symptoms of dyscalculia

  • Difficulty when counting backwards
  • A poor sense of number and estimation
  • Difficulty in remembering 'basic' facts
  • Difficulty in understanding place value
  • Slow to perform calculations
  • Addition is often the default operation
  • Weak mental arithmetic skills
  • High levels of mathematics anxiety
My 13 year old has just started your program and for the first time in his life is understanding math! I cannot come close to conveying the struggles we have been through with the education system, and so, now as a home-schooled student, and with 'maths explained', he is learning the explanations behind WHY we do something, not just being told to 'do it that way'. Thank you so much for this program. I wish it were mandatory viewing of every teacher in Australia, for the damage their lack of understanding of learning differences does is too great. With your program, I hope to not only help my son learn basic math, but restore his self-esteem along the way. Best 30 pounds ever spent!!’
A Mum from Australia
About 3 years ago I purchased your maths videos to help me teach some students who were struggling with maths. I found them wonderful. The children easily understood the teaching method and I learned new methods of how to explain the various concepts in a simple, common-sense way. Customer from Ireland
The Maths Explained videos have proved invaluable for a number of my students this term, and I am now really getting to grips with your approach of using the core numbers
Jamie Lowe, Head of Learning Support
It is such an excellent course and your visuals are great!
Gilly Payne, Professional Course Tutor at the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre
Thank you for the amazing tools that you have created to educate maths in a way accessible to those who learn differently.
Customer from South Africa
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Sample videos

Watch these sample videos from our tutorials to see how Maths Explained can help you.

Introduction to the tutorials

Sample lesson - place value

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