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If we ordered the maths explained video lessons for our school - the whole pack for 60 pounds - how would that work? Could all teachers use it at any time? Or is it only available for 1 user or on one computer?

Schools can use it within and across the school, but must not let it be accessed outside the school. If they wish students to access the videos at home then separate access must be purchased for each student.

Can I buy more than one set of videos on the same account?

It is not possible to buy more than one set of videos on one account, because it is set up for single license use. If it is for more than one person you need to buy it using two separate accounts.

Which credit card company do you use? Are they secure?

We use Stripe who have an excellent reputation for security. They were founded in Sept 2011 and serve the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland,Australia, Austria, Belgium,Denmark, Germany,Finland, France, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg.

What data does the credit card company require?

Stripe only takes 'first line of address' and 'postcode'.
Most shopping carts require full address data as they are shipping physical products - therefore those websites will need the address information, not for card processing, but to enable them to deliver the product to the correct address. However, since no physical delivery is involved: Stripe says: ‘Address verification checks (also known as Address Verification System or AVS) provide additional levels of confirmation that the person using the card is the legitimate owner of the card, useful to help identify and avoid fraud. There are two checks - one based on the numbers contained in the first line of the address, and another on the ZIP/postal code. For each charge where we have an address supplied, Stripe checks whether both of these pieces of information match the address for the customer on file with their bank.’

I am having trouble with paying with my credit card.

This is rare (hence the choice of Stripe). Reasons tend to be very individual, so it is a hard question to answer. If you are having problems paying through the website, please make a note of any error messages the site delivers after clicking the 'Submit payment' button and then contact us explaining the issue that you are having in full detail.

If you are purchasing on behalf of a school with a school credit card, please make sure you enter the correct postcode in which the credit card has been registered. If the postcode you enter does not match the one registered with your school's bank then the payment will fail.

I am looking at buying all of the maths videos.  I was wondering if there was any time limit for their availability to me after purchase?  I am hoping once I buy them, I will always have them as a resource?  Could you please clarify this for me?

There is no time limit. Once you have the videos, you have them as a resource.

Does the content of the tutorials match our curriculum?

The tutorials cover topics that are common to most curricula, from the very basic skill of counting to algebra. They may not cover the whole curriculum, but they will give support for the core topics. They are designed to address the 'basics'.

How can I check if they will work for a student?

There is a sample video on the home page and a number of other samples with some of the topics. Do remember, nothing works for everyone. Your input may aid learning for an even wider range of students.

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