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Understanding numbers

Tutorial 1 8:49 mins unlocked
Estimating   Sample video
What will I learn?
Estimating is a very useful everyday skill. This tutorial will show you how and why.
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Tutorial 2 29:08 mins locked
Writing numbers 1 £2.50 Add to basket
What will I learn?
How and why we write numbers as symbols (digits) and an introduction to the visual images used to support explanations. Writing numbers with 2-digits. Dealing with the confusing vocabulary of teen numbers. An introduction to place value.
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Tutorial 3 18:23 mins locked
Writing numbers 2 £2.50 Add to basket
What will I learn?
Writing 3 and 4-digit numbers and an introduction to the visual images used for hundreds and thousands. Explaining place value for 3 and 4-digit numbers.
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Tutorial 4 23:55 mins locked
Rounding/estimating £2.50 Add to basket
What will I learn?
How to round numbers to the nearest ten or hundred. Learning how to estimate and use estimations in calculations.
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Tutorial 5 17:03 mins locked
Core numbers £2.50 Add to basket
What will I learn?
The core/key numbers (for example, 0, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 …) and how they can be used to develop a sense of numbers and operations and as a way of working ‘harder’ facts from ‘easier’ facts.

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